Friday, May 4, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year...

Yes, Acting Fans, the wheels are still turning at H&H HQ but still prepping for launch so we thought we'd use today's post to celebrate the season of giving that is May. Now you may think 'May? Isn't that a little premature on the celebration front? I mean we're not long out of the last December!' but we're here today to talk about the OTHER season of giving. Yes, May 5th is the first Saturday of May so it's...

Yep, Free Comic Book Day. Check with your local comic shop to see if they're taking part, Our local Comic shop Proprietor (& location provider & Guest Star) Simon at Legacy Comics will be taking part. Doing his best to get newbies hooked on periodical four-colour fiction.
Even if you aren't fans of people in skin tight suits punching each other like myself and Vern, we urge you to pop in to yours - you never know what you might find (besides your usual big two (Marvel & DC comics) superheroes fare there's Atomic Robo, Finding Gossamer, Mouse Guard, to name a few*). We're set to meet with our colleague, Mr. Matt Birdsall, Esq. at this weekends extravaganza so hopefully we'll be taking stock on the equipment front (seeing if we can sort the issues with the DV camera with liberal application of a Cleaning Tape, or if more drastic action is required) and mapping out the next shooting schedule. Good Hunting.


Christopher Haigh

*= Subject to availability, of course.

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