Friday, May 18, 2012

Permission Slip-Up

Greetings, Acting Fans, the weekend rapidly approaches and with it the exclusive West Yorkshire Specially-vacced-but-not-Red-Carpet Premiere. We've managed to prepare a little extra for the event but earlier this week something else came to our attention.
We have used a small sample of an instrumental version of the song 'Still Alive' by Jonathan Coulton in our first full trailer 'Crimestoppers' a song familiar to any of you Portal gamers out there. On the assumption that the artist-accrediting link that can be seen in many Youtube video descriptions (including 'To-Buy' links) of late was a function we could implement at our end, thus allowing us to properly accredit, link to a purchase link for the song and avoiding any copyright shenanigans/cease-&-desisting at a later date. However, after uploading the trailer, it has become evident to us that it is not the case and we realised we'd made a bit of an ass of ourselves with our assumption. So we got in contact with Jonathan by email and in his gracious reply he gave us a contact at Valve (the actual song rightsholders), who we have got in touch with to ask permission.
If permission is not forthcoming, never fear, we'll be uploading a new version of the Trailer without 'Still Alive' but we still have our fings crossed that Valve give us permission for it's brief use. In the meantime we'd like to see you into the weekend with another JoCo classic:


Christopher Haigh

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