Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Hello, Acting fans, well it's that time again - Wednesday blog post day. What has been happening in the world of H&H, well, we are still rehearsing the next webisode scenes to be filmed. Trust us, this one is going to take some rehearsing. Hoo, boy!
We have also taken some photos to storyboard the shots for the same episode. Yep, we are all about the beavering away busy as bees but there's little to show for it yet. There's a lot of planning and pre-production the going in to each webisode of H&H, we said we should do more and we most definitely are, oh, and I've have also been busy writing a parody song that is to appear later on in the series. Listen out for that. So, yes, the wheel's still turning and we are keeping in motion. Keep 'em peeled...


Vernon Harcourt

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