Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Greetings, Acting Fans, and welcome once again to our mid-week missive. As you may have noticed the latest 'Actor's Log' has escaped into the wild and, if you haven't noticed here it is right HERE:

That's right we're on Vlog #11 but sadly, even though we're champing at the bit, circumstances mean that we can't get on with the next 'Actor's Log' this week as planned. Although for once it's actually Vern's schedule that's in the way this time. Yep, I'm free and clear most of this week but our Colossal Acting talent is otherwise occupied. I suppose turnabout is fair play. We do need to crack on though as the next vlog is time(or rather growth)-sensitive. Keen observers of the above video may have a clue as to why.
Despite not being able to get on with a shoot this week we have managed our first meet-up post-vlog. The main topic of which (besides sorting the next shoot of course) was indents. For quite some time we have resisted the urge to follow suit with the Youtube video trend of having a 'Like & Subscribe' request at the end of our videos, now though as we see the slow but steady views and the odd 'Like' - which we are very grateful for but they have so far not nearly reached the same amount of views or likes per video as the number of people on our Facebook Fan Page. For the visibility and profile of the channel and the videos the more watches, likes and youtube subscriptions, the better. So we are going to experiment with a number of indents at the end of our upcoming videos to see how and indeed if they are effective.

Please, please, please do watch, 'Like' and Subscribe to us!

That's all for this week so far, Internet Chums, so do please continue to watch (& hopefully enjoy) our videos, if you do enjoy them please click the 'Like' thumbs-up symbol (see above) and subscribe to our Youtube channel for our latest video updates!


Christopher Haigh

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