Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bat-Signal To Noise

Greetings, old Acting Chums, and a Happy Batman Day to you all! That's right TODAY is BATMAN DAY, celebrating 75 years of everybody's favourite Caped Crusader. If you don't believe me, just ask DC! Yes, the old Batarang-throwing codger is getting on a bit but he can still, well, twang a Batarang.
Besides the Bat-Birthday though, there's something even more important that has taken place today! More important than Batman?! Well, of COURSE it can be only one thing! Yes, you've guessed it - post-play our Colossal Acting Talent was rip-roaring and ready to go with the next Actor's Log, so we've only gone and filmed it today!

That's the truth, we've been a Dynamic Duo ourselves with this latest bit of business called show, refusing to let the heat (or the humidity) prostrate us. We even experimented with a looser more ad-libbed approach to the whole thing. Fings crossed the whole thing comes together in the Editing Suite, which I'll now get back to! Yes, that means it's time to type...


Christopher Haigh

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