Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cuckoos In Flight

Yes, it's midweek once again, Acting Fans, and that means, if you are TRUE Acting Fans, you still have THREE chances to catch the Colossal Acting Talent hinself treading the boards at The Actor's Workshop as The Chief in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'.

Despite taking to the stage for the first time Tuesday night this week (and a work meeting for yours truly) we managed a meet-up at our usual locale and, after our usual meandering, we've only gone and come up with an Actor's Log idea that, well, it actually supercedes what we were going to do originally and jumps to the front of the filming schedule and it's all down to me watching a bit of mid-morning telly with my parents. Mum & Dad have a daytime TV programme they watch fairly regularly and, well, Mum turned to me and said, 'You should do a H&H version'. After talking it over with Vern over our coffees, we realised she was right - so thank you, Mum! Now all we have to do is get on with it. First though, we're going to let Vern get his board-treading out of the way. So do please remember to support your local actors! Ah, go on!


Christopher Haigh

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