Friday, August 1, 2014

Keeping It Surreal

Welcome, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of the worlds internet. It's H here again to fill you in, fill you in on what's been happening at H&H HQ, that is. No need to look so worried! Anyway, we got a second meet up in this week (just yesterday in fact Thursday the 30th of July - CRIPES! Where did that go?!) and got down to discussing our next moves, well, eventually after doing our usual thing of going round the houses, talking about our film and fiction geek knowledge. It even got a bit small 'p' political.

We did finally get on to H&H though, promise, and we ran through and planned out some ideas for next Actor's Log to be filmed and how we were going to put it together. Chris often takes us on more surreal tangent humour-wise and, while I'm okay with that, I prefer it if we get surreal without getting too much in to the realms-of-Noel-Fielding over the top surreal. After a bit of brainstorm and a laugh or two, we settled on how it was going to work and the general sequence of events. After that it was time to come up with a few ideas for key lines of dialogue. Just so we have a sort of notion of where we are going to be going with this one, but not a full script. Yep, with this one we are looking to keep it a bit off the cuff though not without a bit of framework to hang it off.

So now I have few things left to do before the shoot to prepare, like take some reference stills from a certain movie for some of the shots and put them on my phone for a bit of homaging that will be in this upcoming vlog. Well, I'd best get on with the prep work, so that's your lot for today folks!

See you in the FUTURE!


Vernon Harcourt

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