Friday, August 29, 2014

Light's, Camera...Rigs!?!

Hello Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of worlds Internet. Yep, it's Friday once again and time for me to ramble on and get you up to date with what has been happening at H&H HQ. First thing first the next Vlog is live for you to watch, and is under this text just in case you have missed it:

Watched it? Good! Have you? Have you reeeaaallly...alright, good now lets get back to it! Me, myself and Chris have once again got a meet up on this week BUT - shock, horror - NOT at our usual meet-up place!!!  Nope, we met up at a DIFFERENT coffee shop, the Costa coffee shop in the Tesco's just over the road from H&H HQ. I know, the shock of it all...calm down, dear, it's only a different location. After a brief chat (well, by our standards) about GOTG (great film, Chris still prefers The Winter Soldier, but then he does really like a heavy dose of paranoia to go with his large explosions) and few other things (including the framework for, if I say so myself, a brilliant prequel solo 'Black Widow' movie - Marvel Studios, call us!) we got down to business of H&H.
We started off by trying to think of more well-known and/or publicised acting lessons or other acting footage we could splice us into, which led us on to maybe doing an ALS ice bucket challenge (well, it is all of the craze at moment) but we thought maybe best not to as, much like 'Gangnam Style'-parodies, we have pretty much missed that boat zeigeist-wise. I had a small idea for how we were going to do it, loosely based on a Laurel and Hardy skit. (Of whom I will be watching more of them for, erm.. research, yeah that's it, research!)

After all of this we had one more idea, a possible follow up to the change of location 'House Flog' vlog we did. To do this idea means us having to build a special rig for an object to be fixed in front of the camera for the proper effect, yes, we've got to build the rig and do test with the prop/props-in-question. We do like to make these easy for ourselves. Now, who said these vlog were going to be quick and easy, hmm, I wonder who did say that? Hmmm? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmm!

Well, I think that's everything, so I'll see you in the Future! Before I go though, here's a handy training tool for any of you that want to become great movie actors:


Vernon Harcourt

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