Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Body In Question

Salutations, Acting Fans, Wednesday's come around again and, as the Spring snow flurries past the window and we contemplate that maybe somehow we've ended up in Westeros by accident, let me tell you what we've been up to so far this week.
First, I'm going to take a brief detour to the end of last week. As it happened after posting last weeks blog and heading into town for some lunch before my evening shift who should I run into by chance but my colleague-in-arms at H&H Productions himself! We took the providential opportunity to have a brief tête-à-tête about our plans and I mentioned an aspect of Episode 6's script that wasn't working for me. Vern agreed and we hammered out an alternative version of the scene there and then which he typed up and integrated into the script after we went our separate ways. The following Sunday, whilst doing a bit of a spit-&-polish on the script, my recent viewing of the film which the episode homages kicked in and I realised we could have a bit more climactic finish to the episode. I wrote the climactic confrontation in and sent it to my partner-in-crime, who weighed and measured the idea and did not find it wanting. That means our shooting script is pretty much there but we still want to do the semi-cast readthrough.
Back in the Here & Now, Vern has been trying to organise the readthrough but the curse of the low-to-no budget production rears it's head again and we are still trying to get in touch with our principal cast members.
Meanwhile at just H HQ AKA the Editing Suite despite working Monday & Tuesday I've managed to get on with one of the side projects needed for the Final episode of Series 1 - The Puppet!

Legs 11!
Right, said Fred
Getting Ahead
I've opted for a (hopefully) simple construction, making a core body & head from waste upholstery foam, old tights (not mine, well not ALL mine but they're all mine now) and elastic bands which I'll go on to 'skin' with some towelling fabric (I'm going to sacrifice one of my redundant Dressing Gowns). Wish me Luck! (With my sewing skills I'll need it!)

That's it for Midweek, Internet Chums, tune in Friday to see what we manage to get up to the rest of this week!


Christopher Haigh

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