Friday, March 15, 2013


Greetings, Acting Fans, welcome to Friday's H&H update and, well, it's another one of THOSE posts. Yep, after our flurry of activity this past week we've now hit a bit of a Lull. Nothing, as they say, has been doing since wrapping our TOP SECRET edit (SHUSH! It's SECRET!). This week has come to something of a stop.

Not helping is the fact that I've got a run of shifts on my day job at the tail end of this week , so I'm out of filming action (it's a bit disappointing for us too but them's the breaks). Whilst I'm stuck behind my desk hanging on the telephone, Vern will be scrutinising the calendar and seeing about getting our semi-cast readthrough of the script together and look towards filming the stuff we can get away without the additional warm bodies. I'm afraid that's yer lot this week, Internet Chums! Stay tuned for more (and more interesting) news to come! Now please excuse me, I have some Hormonal Housewives to deal with.


Christopher Haigh

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