Friday, March 22, 2013

An Easter Easter Egg

Welcome back, acting fans and fellow bloggers! It's Friday’s blog post and once again we have been halted by the blooming weather! DAMN YOU, SNOW!!! *Shaking fist at the sky* But that's not important right now - what have we got instore for you today? What are we going to ramble on about? Is it yet even more planning? Well...

We have a bit of a surprise for you all today! You could even say it's something of an 'Easter egg'.

You know that TOP SECRET thing I was on about (and not on about at the same time)? Well, I can finally tell you, yep, we have been busy working away to not only bring you the final episode of Series 1 but we've also put together an Easter special H&H short, you might call it an escapade, well, Eggscapade if you will! And it’s right down below this text for you to watch, RIGHT NOW!

Yes, this is what we have been doing on the secret you, lucky, lucky lot! Well that’s it for today we best get on wait for the snow to melt so we can actually get so filming. DAMN YOU, BLOODY SNOW!!! *Shaking fist at sky again*

Well stay safe out there and...


Vernon Harcourt

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