Friday, April 13, 2012

Re-record not fade away, Re-record not fade away...

Well, Acting fans, I'm going to tell you how it's going to be, not with Scotch's Lifetime Guarantee but with the goings on here at H&H HQ. Today’s the day we start the countdown (don't call it a Final Countdown, we still have plenty to do) to something BIG but to what, I hear you ask (Along with "Get on with it already, dammit!"). First on to something else though.

As we said on Wednesdays blog post we have been busy editing the pilot episode  and today we will be taking the time to quickly shoot some dialogue-free pick-up shots, the aforementioned Exterior and Interior establishing shots of the flat (as well as a pan to a master shot of Scene 2) which shouldn’t take us too long to do. By the time you read this post everything should be in the can for the pilot, Yay (*Phew*)!

Now back to the something BIG and exactly what is it well, well, well, my dear acting fans, I did say this is the START of the countdown. All I am gonna say is it will be worth the looong wait (well, hopefully).

Teehee. Tune in on Wednesday for some more vague references to what it could be...


Vernon Sutcliffe

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