Friday, April 20, 2012

Open Channel 'H'

It’s alive, it’s ALIIIIIIVE!

t last it has all come down to this, this is D-day or, if you will, H-day for us here at Harcourt & Haigh Productions. Acting Fans, all roads have lead to this ultimate destination and each moment built up to this very moment right now, and what a moment it should be! But what am I going on about I wonder? Oh, yeah! I remember now!
Well, folks let me tell you (or read on if you prefer) - We are finally going LIVE, yes, it had to happen at some point this year. And here it is!

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of the HARCOURT & HAIGH: Actors At Large Youtube channel, where as of 4:45PM you can now experience our very first teaser trailer - with more trailers to follow over the coming weeks leading up to...
What? I think I’ll leave it there for now. I think one BIG surprise is enough for now don’t you?
(You don't? Well too bad! We don't want you overstimulated now, do we?)


Vernon Harcourt

P.S. :- Feel free to link and share the promo as far and wide across the interwebs as you like and please, please, please give the Promo a 'Thumbs Up' click on Youtube!

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