Friday, April 6, 2012

In The Cut

Well, Acting fans, Chris and I have been editing all day long, in fact for about a full 8 hours yesterday and we have the Intro bumper and Act 1 of the Pilot cut. And it's funny (if I say so myself). And it all fits together - like a glove! Praise Shatner! (We only stopped once, briefly, to re-fuel with a pizza, a biccy, a bun and a cup of tea.)

hy has it taken so long to do only a small part of it I wonder you may wonder? (I do indeed wonder about what you think about, you see, because I care. About you. ALL of you.) Well, my dear, darling Acting friends, out there in the wilds of the intertubes, we had a absolute load of footage to go through and edit down to what we need.

 I do mean a load, in the bumper footage alone there were about 30minutes or so that we had to cut right down to the bone. We were merciless editors with a job to do. And, by Jove, we did it. Then there was about 40mins or so of the First Act to wade through and cut down to size. Which is par for the course when it comes to filming (and much better than not having enough to edit together) but quite enough for us - as neither of us could be mistaken for Malick or Kubrick.

Absolutely no resemblance whatsoever.
 So Day 2 of the edit of the pilot is scheduled for next week as we both have a full calendar for this Easter Weekend when hopefully it shall be done (well, minus a few small re-shoots)!
Then it’s back to planning and mapping out the following shoots (Hmm, we do seen to do an awful lot of planning don’t we but still - we need MOAR!)


Vernon Harcourt

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