Friday, November 25, 2011

This Is Just a Tribute

This week see's a couple of historic milestones for us here at H&H Productions, one of them a little sad.
So let's start with the bad (and now pretty old) news first, this week sees the anniversary of the death on 24th November, 1991 of (IOHM*) one of the 20th century's finest showmen, Farrokh Bulsara AKA Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen. As late 70s/early 80s kids Freddie and Queen were at the forefront of our formative Pop Cultural experience and, of course, besides great hit tunes as geeky 70s/80s kids he (& the rest of Queen) also provided the soundtrack to not one but TWO firm favourite cult films:

Forget Star Wars (remember it started off as Lucas' pitch for a Flash Gordon film) plus Max Von Sydow, Peter Wyngarde AND Brian Blessed in one film - no computer-controlled FX models can compete with that sort of cast. Anyone who disagrees gets the Bore Worms.
And then the film that spawned a far-spanning franchise of infinitely reducing returns but it's so good we forgive it it's rubbish sequels:

A sad day but a great one to remember the talent of the man and as he himself once sang, the show must go on. So long, Freddie and thanks for all the tunes.

While we're talking about 'shows going on' that brings us to the happier news. This week also saw the anniversary of a groundbreaking television series that first hit the TV screen on 23 November, 1963. That day BBC 1 broadcast the first episode 'An Unearthly Child' and two unwitting schoolteachers and the British public were introduced to a certain mad man (who's not really a man) with a blue box.
Despite the hiccup of being laid low in the 90s (yeah, thanks a lot, Michael Grade, we don't think *shaking fists towards London*), thanks to Russell T. Davies and BBC Wales the Doctor has enjoyed a wildly successful revival these past few years. Here at H&H we are always ready to salute the sort of fiction that stops staring in the kitchen sink and gets you to look out the window at the stars above, so Happy 48th Birthday DOCTOR WHO, long may you transcend Time and Space!

(The only November broadcast Christmas advert that we support, plus it's for charity, innit?)

A Happy Whonniversary to you all!

Stay tuned for more Harcourt & Haigh-centric news next week,


Vernon Harcourt
Chirstopher Haigh

* = In Our Humble Opinions but of course, you figured that out, didn't you? After all, You're not total n00bs are you? What, you ARE?!

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