Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Recovery Position

So at the weekend this happened:

Cry havoc, and let slip the Cosplay of Nerds!
Which meant that THIS happened (yes, really):

On your Marks!
Unfortunately this also happened:

Well, Just putting a black rectangle here could've been mistaken as another 2001 reference.
 A flat Camera Battery and lack of access to electrickery meant we got curtailed on Take No.6 of the first filmed scene of the series ('Ships Ahoy!': Scene 2).
Still, chance favours the prepared minds, so we soldiered on.
With Vernon having wangled his way onto the Havoc Costume Contest judging panel (in character of course) we took the opportunity to improvise a dialogue-free scene that could be purposed for another episode and took a shot for one of the Promos still on our To-Do list using a backup digital camera. Despite a bit of bad luck to start we didn't end the day empty handed.
Another thing that happened at the Havoc, well there was an extra 'Special Guest' on the panel of Judges:

"That's SIR Michael Gambon to you, chummy!"
And, bless him, he turned up in costume too.
Alright, we admit it - it isn't the REAL Sir Michael Gambon but there is rhyme and reason to his being there.
In fact, later that Pre-Halloween Evening, this happened:

Close personal friends, don'tchaknow.
Tune in this Friday to find out why.


Vernon Harcourt
Christopher Haigh

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