Friday, November 11, 2011

On The Rocks

So last weekend the series' second shoot took place on the outskirts of Halifax at scenic Albert Promenade, which on one side has a street of rather nice houses like this one:

 And on the other side of the street nothing but this spectacular view of the Calder Valley, some places to sit and admire the view:

Prepare for total aesthetic immersion
And some jutting Gritstone rocks (locally known, rather creatively, as 'The Rocks') and a sheer drop down to the top of Copley Woods:

Ye olde Halifaxe
All of which meant it was an easy location within our range where we could shoot an imperiled-looking Vern in a safe and non-imperiled fashion. Which is exactly what we did, though Matt as cameraman did get pretty close to the Edge. But that's Matt, dedicated to his angles...TO THE EXTREME!

Vern Rocks
Of course the series is called Harcourt AND Haigh, so I was there too. Where, you ask? The answer is [SPOILERS] .

 Stay tuned, Acting Fans.


Christopher Haigh

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