Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Power Struggle

It is my sad duty to report a hump in the road in the series production for Harcourt & Haigh:Actors At Large. Production has come to a temporary hiatus due to unfortunate circumstances.
Matt has sought it here and sought it there, the damned elusive power cord, and it remains nowhere to be found. Never fear, acting fans, Vern and Myself are going over the production budget (in other words trawling through our spare pants pockets, clearing the moths from our wallets and having a look down the back of the sofa) to cobble together the funds for a new one.
Meanwhile the writing of two more episode scripts for series 1 is underway and we are looking at setting up the next scene for shooting, perhaps with an eye to using our backup (maybe it's time to polish off the promos). While you wait for more tangible updates here's an elliptically related tune by Sunna:

 Stay Tuned


Christopher Haigh

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