Friday, November 18, 2011

Give Us Our Props III

Our brief hiatus on series shooting gives us the opportunity to catch up on a bit of the old prop production. Progress on [REDACTED MYSTERY PROP] continues at a slow but steady pace.

Whatever could it be?
We're taking our time with [REDACTED MYSTERY PROP] as it's pretty demanding on our very basic carpentry skills (flat-pack furniture = a doddle, handling a Jigsaw (the power tool, not the perennial grandparent-preferred puzzle, you mook!) = I have never been more afraid in my life) and it has a very large possibility for error but, if we pull it off, it'll be brilliant (if we say so ourselves).
As we've said before though some stuff comes to us easier, take for instance this little beauty, BEHOLD:

Originally we envisioned something of a standard armoury-style gun rack for our two criminally-inclined actors. Further thought made that seem a bit too professionally criminal/possibly psychotic (as well as difficult to construct) we decided something more whimsical or comical was called for and so the concept of 'The Umbrella Stand Of Dooom' was born. Hang on, where do we get an Umbrella stand from? Well, it turns out Poundstretcher, the budget filmmakers' boon.
On a random scouring of the budget stores for stuff that is a) cheap and b) possibly useful (and not at all for cut price collectible toys), Chris came across a neat looking fake-leather laundry basket and, like an idiot, promptly took a picture of it and left it there.
You may hazard a guess as to what happened next after Chris consulted Vern and later returned to the shop to pick it up. What did you guess? It wasn't there? Well, you're almost right. SOME of it wasn't there, the lid in fact, which also had the price on it, had been nicked. It was then that Chris's inner yorkshireman came to the fore, as he realised, not needing the lid, he might be able to get it... cheaper!
After swift negotiation with the shop manager he soon left bearing his prize, a formerly £17 Leatherette Laundry Basket now lidless but a seven whole pounds (seven pounds later squandered on booze) cheaper. VICTORY!
And thus a Legend was born!
If that Epic Tale Of Successful Shopping hasn't thrilled you enough, we leave you with another sexy image of Hearthrob Harcourt on the Rocks:

He's thinking of you, ladies, always of you. Yes, ALL of you...
See you soon,

Don't have Knightmares,

Vernon Harcourt
Christopher Haigh

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