Friday, November 4, 2011

Check with Your Local Retail Newsagents!

Here at H&H HQ (well, one of them, I don't live with Vern - I'm still living in Denial, yes) things continue apace. We were hoping to bring you something a little special today but Time, as ever, has proved to be a harsh mistress.
It being such a potentially long time until the actual series (*Vern & I looking worriedly, brows furrowed, at weather reports that predict a harsh siberian-class winter*) we thought it would be nice to give you a treat in the form of a short Fumetti-style prequel to the series but due to issues with the Publisher (i.e, Me and my DTP'ing skills, or lack thereof) instead today we are just going to tease you with it:

Sithybridge's Premiere Publication
Yep, We're Big Teasers.

Stay Tuned, Acting Fans!

Christopher Haigh

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