Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Wrapping

Welcome back Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of the internets to this erm...erm...what day is it? Oh, yeah - Friday blog! Yep, as some of you more eagle eyed fans of you might have seen that there wasn't a Wednesday blog and I bet you might be wondering what happened to that there post. Did we have a break down? Were we abduction by Aliens? Was there a computer melt down? An Acrimonious divorce? Well actually none of the above it was we a much boring reason I just plain old plum forgot about as we were very busy down at the H&H HQ.

What were we doing that made us forget this important update to the people of the world? Well acting fans we were very busy filming another video for the actors log. Now this has a special theme to it AND had lots for us to do  (so much for simple short and quick!) but in true H&H style we got on with all of the various shots in our short space of time. With only our wits about us (and our Xmas shopping list of props) and some idea of how it was going to be we managed to Ad Lib our way through!

With everything set up and went for it, and it was a fun day as we were flying by the seat of our (lounge) pants. And having a laugh and getting through this long sequence of events, as for this one there was no really script, we just had the list of the items that we at use and off we went.

Boy, did it takes use a few takes to get things right and we were only on the first item on list, yep, I kept on losing on what was the third line that I said. So after all of he laughs, fluffs, spittakes, cracking, cat herding and more laughs we got through to end and it was time to do some close-ups, which meant going back over the footage to see how and where things stuff was held so this time it would match up and defeat our old nemesis CONTINUITY (see we are learning)!

Then the rushes were rushed off to the edit suite (Chris's bedroom, natch) for Mr Haigh to edited it down into a watchable Vlog but more on that...sooon, so now you're all up to date on what's has been happing over here at the H&H HQ!

Oh, and as one final note me, myself and Chris are going over to Huddersfield tomorrow (7th December) to participate in a live life drawing session of Harcourt & Haigh at the Packhorse Gallery! Yes, that's right, no content with corrupting the Internets H&H are invading our reality as well! So we shall be immortalised in the medium of drawing and maybe put up in a gallery for all the world to see. Well, for a few weeks anyways.

That is all for now, I did say it has been a busy week.


Vernon Harcourt

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