Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Many Happy Returns!

Welcome to the Mid-Week, Acting Fans, never fear you're halfway to the weekend now! Just what have we got in store for you today? Well, in case you haven't been paying attention, we've already got our second Actor's Log of this month up. Yep, instead of being all mopey about a listless Lupercalia we've gone and got in touch with our inner 'wolf' or rather one of our felonious thespians has, and he might have gotten a little carried away with it!


Yes, Two months into 2014 and were feeling pretty good about getting three videos out already (yes, we're counting the New Year Vlog - and you can't stop us!) as well as being pretty chuffed with how the videos themselves have turned out. We know we can't sit back though and we're really trying to get Episode 6 off the back burner and really getting cooking.
To that end we've already had a meeting this week and put H-Head 1 and H-Head 2 together to discuss our next phase. It's important right now as there could be an upcoming change of status at H&H HQ which may (briefly) interfere with series filming, so we've been mooting ideas of what to do in those circumstances but there'll be more on that in m'learned colleagues Friday Post. Never fear though, Acting Fans, H&H shall prevail!
Now before I sign off I'd like to take a moment to wish a Happy Birthday to someone extra-special, you see today is my Mum's birthday and (even though I've told her in person already) I'd like to wish her a very happy one and many happy returns so:

Happy Birfday, Mum! xXx  

Love You!

That's your lot for today, everyone!


Christopher Haigh

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