Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Welcome back everybody, yep, it's Wednesday and it's blog time! Well now, as you can see, we have been busy since last we wrote. And trust us nobody is more surprised than us! Chris had been busy organising the YouTube Channel trailer setup this weekend. First recording the narration on Sunday (with the help of post-night out throat from the Saturday before, for extra gruffness) and then, while he was messing about, er, I mean sorting out the start of the trailer on Monday, he realised we might be able to get it done with a lot less additional filming than we at first planned. He set off yesterday with his Test proof version in hand to show me which I watched, just laughed at it and said, yes. During the quick meet up yesterday, we filmed just one shot for it. One shot. Which we were able to do at H&H HQ, that plus a quick scan on the interwebs for some stock footage of 'EXPLODO!' and we got the trailer done!
And There it is !

Now we were planning to film additional scenes that we scripted especially for it but I think the way Chris has put it together (with a clever bit of footage recycling) is much better and, well, flows better too with a short punchy runtime. In fact it might be more of an intro than, well, our current episode intro, which gives us something to think about (and work with) when it comes to the Season 2 episode Intro.

Getting the Channel trailer out of the way sooner than expected means we have time for more things on our plate. Yes, we plan on starting filming on the Halloween special later in the week on Thursday as that really need to get done. Then well it will be on to film at last the last episode of series 1.Fings crossed we can get the spare warm bodies!

That's it for now see you in the Future!

Vernon Harcourt

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