Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crouching Vern, Hidden Guest-Star

Happy Humpday, Acting Fans, it's the midpoint of the week and H&H Productions has continued ticking over as we approach the filming of the Halloween Special. Over the weekend and at the start of this week I've been in Hunter/Gatherer mode still, sourcing some additional bits and bobs of Proppage for the shoot. We can't always get away with just trawling the poundshops and I've had to dare the wilds of Ebay for a couple of items that are hopefully winging their way here now.
There's also been a little bit of tweaking to the script editing out a bit of a 'bump' in the narrative, a few additional lines and, after last night's meet-up with Vern, a rather musical enhancement to one of the scenes that he had an idea about after last time.
About last night, it was a little later than usual that we met up - after 8PM, actually. That wasn't just because of the intermittent bus service after 6, no, we needed it to be dark for our little bit of filming.

Mystery Guest
That's right, Internet Chums, we've already been filming for the Special with a previously-appearing Special 'Guest-Star', too! The sharp-eyed among you might recognize the above individual and be able to figure out the reason filming the sequence meant Vern had to take to a knee but I'm not going to say any more. It's more of a kind of 'Stock Footage' for the Special to be honest but a start has been made nonetheless.
Still on the cards: figuring out where we can actually shoot the interiors and, of course, getting it shot. Things are under way though, so it's up to us to keep the momentum up.

That's it for this midweek, Acting Fans, stay tuned for more details at the end of the week!


Christopher Haigh

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