Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anatomy Of A Puppet

Greetings, Acting Fans & Blogonauts, and welcome to your regular Wednesday update from here at H&H HQ!
Chris here and while we're still in the slow phase of gradual planning, to use a bit of a train metaphor we're still getting the boiler up to steam, I thought I'd take the time for a brief musing on what goes in to getting the episodes made. You see I've got a bit of a background in Art, education wise - My degree was in Art & Design - but I haven't been what I'd consider a proper practicing artist in a while. That's where 'H&H: Actors at Large' has been a bit of a boon. One of the things I've really enjoyed is getting to exercise creative muscles I haven't used to their full capacity for a while by dreaming up some of the ideas we have for the series and then having to make them into 'real' objects. More on that at another time, I think though.
Another pleasure is having to teach myself how to do new things out of necessity for the series, like muddling my way through Audacity to sort out some sound issues for 'The Experiment' episode (darn that traffic - see 'Behind The Acting: Outtakes). It just so happens that the Series 1 Finale, the upcoming Episode 6: 'Anabasis' is going to require a bit of both and that's one of the things I'm looking into at the moment.


Yep, I'm going to need to make a puppet! Or possibly more than one. That's where having a sister who runs her own Puppet Street Theatre Company might come in handy, eh. WHY exactly do I need to make a puppet? Well that would be [SPOILERS], so you'll just have to wait and see...


Christopher Haigh

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