Wednesday, December 12, 2012

V for Victory!

E-Day has landed!

Hello, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans, It's Wednesday and that mean it’s E-Day! And what is E-day? Well it's the final big edit of the year and last episode of the series for this year (Boo Hoo). The finally, final episode of series one is out sometime next year and trust us that's even bigger and longer (Ooh er!), even more ambitious than this one! And this is a fairly BIG episode.

By the time this is up and you are reading it we should locked in the editing suite, editing away so you can all see this episode. This Friday in fact! So that’s it for now only a short blog, now go on shove off and let us get on with it!

Keep the home fire’s burning and we’ll talk more on Friday.


Vernon Harcourt

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