Friday, December 7, 2012

Can The Can

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, once again to the Friday blog post! While I catch my breath after this weeks whistle-stop schedule let me tell you what’s happened down here at the H&H HQ productions. Well, nothing much, really, only that we have...WRAPPED ON FILMING FOR 2012!
While it feels kind of sad to talk about it, yes, we have finished filming everything for the fifth episode of Series 1, and just in time too as the weather is starting to turn.
Ready to be cut to the bone - TO THE BONE!
We spent the past two days, this Wednesday & Thursday, filming all the remaining scenes back-to-back and, believe me, there were LOADS of shots - we filmed, well, I think it was about 8 scenes in total which, trust me, is a lot to film in two days (AND a couple of Exterior shot pickups that we forgot too). All of them were not without quite a few problems, never mind the costume changes too! Yes, folks, it was indeed a busy two-day shoot but, in true H&H-style, we got it all in the can, even making a few changes last minute on set to some of the scenes due to restrictions on the people availability front (good, and more importantly FREE, Extras are hard to find it turns out). We got it to work though because we are that good at working around the little problems that pop up with filming for a Low-to-No budget series.

So, I bet your wondering when you can see this looong overdue Episode Five of 'H&H:AaL'. Well, me and Chris are going to lock ourselves in the editing room next week and we are not going to be coming out until we have the episode done, or one or both of us have died in the attempt (Well, maybe for a cuppa and some food - nobody's dying on an empty stomach, not on my watch!). Two men enter, one fully edited episode leaves!

The episode will be done and up from a week today (Fings Crossed). Well, that’s it for now I’ve told you everything that needed to be told so, until the next time, keep the home fires burning and...


Vernon Harcourt

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