Friday, October 21, 2011


Can you feel the Antici....

Well after almost two years of talking and planning and yet more talking, here we are two Promos and a costume test later - It‘s finally going to happen.
We are fast drawing near the beginning of series filming. Wow, it seems to have been such a long, long metaphorical and physical road getting here.
(I’m sorry, guys & gals, I’m welling up here. Hang on, let me take off these tight pants - Ahhh. There, that’s better.)

All of that writing and re-writing and we’re still not done yet. Still more adventures of Harcourt & Haigh to commit to the page and then to the big/small screen (depends on how swish your monitor is, dunnit?).

I mean, whoa, has it really been two years since we first planned out this idea?
Anyhoos back to the point - the Countdown starts right here, right now:

8 days from today! 

get my countdown
EEP! Sorry, I just scared myself (It’s alright, I didn’t wee - well, maybe just a little - but it’s an excitement wee). So stay tuned to our frequencies for more updates and hopefully at some point soon in the near future the first Webisode!!!!!

Stay tuned and TTFN


Vernon Harcourt

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