Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Location, Location

Welcome to the Pressure Cooker, as series filming draws nearer and nearer we scrabble to get things together for shooting (but that's another post).
In hand we have the Costume Test Shoot, a couple of Promos in the Can and a 'Behind the Scenes' short, in front of us - everything else.
Today, however, we would like to take the time to say, 'Thank you'. Filming somewhere that belongs to someone else is a privilege not a right and we are extremely grateful (to the Max!) to the providers of our first two locations.

Simon Shaw...AKA Proprietor X (Formerly Weapon HX)
Location number 1 for the 1st Promo is favourite local haunt The Piece Hall, specifically the shop of our chum (and Promo Co-Star) Simon Shaw: Legacy Comics.
Many thanks to Simon for letting us behave in a criminal fashion in his work environs (and, as we promised Simon, we only partially destroyed it).
Despite our shenanigans Legacy Comics is still open for business supplying your favourite Four-Colour Gentlemen's (or discerning Ladies') Relish.
In fact if you're in the West Yorkshire area and like a bit of Cosplay (dressing up to you and me) be sure to check out Legacy's annual Halloween Havoc competition.

"Now witness the power of this fully STOCKED and OPERATIONAL Comic Shop!"
We'd also like to thank Steve & the rest of the crew of Halifax Kitchen Company Limited for supplying the Location of Promo No.2 by permitting two strange blokes who walked in off the street (and a couple of chums) use of one of their display kitchens to double for [!!!REDACTED FOR SPOILERS!!!]. Thanks to all of you there, the offer of cups of tea, though refused, was greatly appreciated. In fact our learned colleague Matt even asked us what we "had on you" (don't worry the negatives are in the post).

Halifax Kitchen Company Limited
Our appreciation knows no bounds but we must press on, we've got Props to make and Scenes to Take.


Christopher Haigh

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