Friday, December 2, 2011

The New Guy

Well, we've been shooting again, this time at the flat (Vern's co-habitation that we are using as H&H's base of operations) as well as the wilds of Halifax, where any innocent passerby can suddenly have a mastiff puppy brandished at him by ne'er-do-wells in tracksuits (Poor Matt!). Leaving us with enough footage for a Rough Cut of the pilot episode 'Ships Ahoy!'.
As a brief aside meet the New Guy who's been helping us with the sound:

The n00b
He doesn't say much but he's cheap (as cheap as free!) and sure doesn't mind standing in the same spot for protracted periods.
Besides the New Guy we also still have our stalwart cameraman/soundman/just-about-everything-else-bloke Matt (the aforementioned Matt Birdsall, Photographer, Musician, Renaissance Man and Traumatised Puppy-Brandished-At-Bystander) who has had his work cut out for him by SOMEone having the bright idea of filming a scene in a phonebox (yes, it was ME....and I'D DO IT AGAIN! MWAHHAHHAHAHA! *Leaps out of window* *Sheepishly climbs back in window to continue blogging*). So the dialogue had to be recorded separately and in improptu fashion by Matt improvising with his iPhone.

"The things I get myself into......" Matt Birdsall
So with luck this Sunday we'll be filming footage for the intro sequence and possibly a bit of re-shooting, let's see how what we've shot hangs together.

Stay tuned, Acting Fans!


Christopher Haigh

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