Friday, August 26, 2011

What's In A Name? Pt .1

Now what really is in a name other than letters, vowels, syllables and, sometimes, a hidden meaning?
Or to be more to the point where exactly did I come up with the title and character names for ‘HARCOURT & HAIGH: Actors At Large’?

Well…erm…let me see, er...Oh, that’s right (at the risk of repeating myself) once again it was inspired by that photo (In the first post), yes, THAT photo. Look at it. Gaze deeply into my eyes.
Now back to my Blog Post. And how did that give me the names? I hear you ask.
I took the stage name Vernon Harcourt after my great Granddad and Chris is Christopher Haigh.
It was just what popped into my head when I first saw the picture, simply the order of our names as we were stood on the left and right, and at first it was Harcourt & Haigh (because it sounded cool and maybe because we’re both products of the 70s) - two no-holds-barred cops out for Justice on the mean northern streets.
After much thinking about it and looking at the photo some more I thought about being more autobiographical, they say write what you know after all, so I changed tack to two drunken actors, which Chris and I are (I told you, Method).  And the two names just sounded right together and they sounded like two actors.

You see what I did there, Yeah? Good.

As for the first names I though it would be funny to once again use the same letter for both names, hence Arthur and Adrian. The show would after all essentially about ‘a’ Harcourt and ‘a’ Haigh. That and Arthur Harcourt sounds posh. Adrian less so. More on that later.

Then, finally, the ‘Actor’s At Large’ was added to give the impression that we’re not quite trustworthy and that we could be anywhere.

See you soon.

Look behind you.
Vernon Harcourt

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