Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cookin' The Looks

I told you I knew what they would look like, it came to me that instant after I heard the names, but instead of the usual ramble we thought we'd have a bit of fun (and, truth be told, we're going to be caught up in some more Prepping over the next couple of weeks, besides the fact that m'learned colleague Vernon is settling into new accommodation - not at Her Majesty's leisure you understand, we're not so Method).
The agent said, 'Excellent country views and a good place to find yourself?'
That's where 'The Look' comes in. Under that heading over the next few posts, before we show you Arthur & Adrian in all their finery, we're going to drop images of the major influences - pieces of the jigsaw puzzle if you will - that coalesced into the appearances of Arthur Harcourt and Adrian Haigh in my strange brain. 
Until next time let me leave you with a man who knows no small thing about fashion (despite being tiny himself) his purpleness, Prince.
(You may think this entire post is just an excuse to post this - you're wrong, I don't need any excuse to post Prince)

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